About Us

Atalaya Mar Apartments and Real Estate Management

Atalaya Mar Apartmentos S.L. is a company specialized in real estate management in the Tarragona area, especially the municipality of Salou, it was created in 1995 and offers services such as:

– Real estate brokerage: Wide range of properties for sale, rent and purchase of all types of real estate (land, houses, flats, premises, etc.).

– Real estate appraisal: We take care of the valuation of your property, directed by the best professionals and experts in the field.

– Real estate, tax, financial and legal advice: We take care of managing, resolving and addressing all the doubts that may arise regarding the purchase-sale process.

– Real estate administration: “Peace of mind is priceless”. We carry out real estate management to give peace of mind to our clients.

Why us?

More than 25 years of experience in the sector guarantee us, we have collegiate API professionals.

Effectiveness: we have a great team of professionals to guarantee a quick and clear purchase-sale operation, lawyers, financial advisors and notaries.

Post-sale service: we are interested in following up with the client once the property has been acquired, as long as he wishes.

“Don’t gamble with your property” Trust Atalaya Mar Apartamentos S.L.


Juan Passantino Lladó
Executive Director – Atalaya Mar Apartamentos

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